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A Word From Ven

Hi my name’s Ven.

I am the founder and leader of the #1 Done For You Traffic Agency in my industry.

I have spent the past 3 years perfecting the art of paid advertising on YouTube, and it helped me to go from working two jobs to being able to rapidly build multiple six figure businesses.

The road here wasn’t easy…

I was a victim of countless get-rich-fast courses that left me overwhelmed, frustrated and hopeless.

The reason I started teaching people my formula for success is because I want more people to know that it’s possible to break free from living a 9-5 job.

Life is meant to be exciting and fun, let me help you build the life you really want because that’s how it’s truly meant to be.


A New Man On A Mission

By December 31st 2020 it is our mission to create 100 Millionaires and 500 Six Figure Earners at the Ven Harpal HQ And to help 1,000,000 new entrepreneurs, internet marketers, network marketers, and home business owners create successful campaigns, advanced training and resources developed from real world


Lives Changed by 2020


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